Help finding old animated movie

Hello, I’ve been looking for this movie for several years but no luck.

I remember at the start of the movie I remember a scene where it showed a ongoing building construction during middle ages(probably a church?). A boy leaves his home and enters a castle where he was trapped in a dungeon and cursed after looking in a mirror where he turns into a bird in the morning and back into a human at night(cannot remember what type exactly not sure if it was a goose, duck or swan). Somehow he managed to escape the dungeon, I recall a scene where it was night and a brown bird(might not be brown) flew into a lake or pond and turned into a girl(cannot remember her features but she was my first crush lol). They danced and little by little fell in love. Another scene I can recall is that the girl was a princess and they were trying to reach her father the King but she was in her bird form and the soldiers and other people in the castle were chasing her down. I hope someone might be able to recognize this movie. Thank you very much.

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  1. Some parts of the description sound similar to the Russian “Karlik Nos” aka “Little Longnose” (2003). In the movie the boy is turned to an ugly dwarf and the princess is turned into a goose.
    If that’s not the movie you’re looking for, I still recommend seeing it 🙂

    You can find the whole movie (in Russian) on youtube:

  2. I remember a long time ago watching this animated film called “The Swan Princess” with my daughter. While it literally has been years, so much of your description sounds a might familiar of this movie; (so, I’m def not 100% sure as I don’t remember everything in the movie). I never saw any of the sequels, so not sure about any of those(?); but def check out the original film, as it could be?

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