Movie about heroin junkie that used to be a heroin dealer

Few things I remember are I saw it on a streaming app (I believe it was Amazon) and I believe it was the first few months of 2019 maybe end of 2018 and it was a about a heroin junkie and his girlfriend she stays home cause she is sick and all the junkies in town meet at a certain place to wait for the dealer and he finally shows up hes got 2  different kinds of heroin and the main character did something that made the dealer mad so he gave him the kind that was cut and when the main guy gets home he finds out and goes after him

and then I also remember the end… she did a shot and OD’s and he is upset and then  the cops come and cuff him and as they are doing the stairs she wakes up and she and the main guy get the guns from the police and then steal the car and drive away and the she said something to him and I think  he says  the last line of the movie which is “lets go get some dope”

3 thoughts on “Movie about heroin junkie that used to be a heroin dealer

  1. Street Level (2015) is the name of that movie. It was pretty good for a movie with what I assume was a budget of 6 or 7 dollars (just half kidding). Feels like the writers phoned in the last parts of the movie. Can’t say that I blame them since they were probably getting paid in high fives and hopes for a better future by that point.

    1. OMFG thank you so much I’ve been trying to show my gf this movie for like 2 months now but could not FOR THE LIFE OF ME figure it out omg thank you

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