Movie about a killer

So, I saw this movie in the early to mid 2000’s (2005?) A friend and I rented it from a movie store, from the horror/thriller section. It was an American movie, color, not sure when it was made, but couldn’t have been before ’98.  I don’t remember any of the actors being well known, and it may have been a direct to DVD deal.

I only really remember it was about a young man, early 20’s, who was a murderer. I think he killed /tortured hikers or campers in the woods he lived near(maybe, I may be misremembering that.). I do remember that he was a local boy, had some trouble with the local law, and he wore a leather jacket and boots, either cowboy or motorcycle.  I think he put crushed beer cans or paper in his boots to make him taller. He was a psychopath or sociopath, bad dude, very creepy. His name might have been Ray, or Roy(?). But, I think it was based on a true story.

I know that this isn’t much to go on, but it’s been bugging me that I can’t remember anymore than this vague information.  Thanks.



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