Movie about a Friendship between a Boy and girl

My mom made me watch this movie we got at the library in 208-2012.

It was in color and a “drama” I guess

a boy is playing baseball on the street with some other young boys around the ages of 11-12. His grandfather or mother calls him in and his mother badically forces the boy to spend time with this shy girl.

This girl is very shy because she experienced a traumatic ordeal where she is hiding under a bed and her father is taken away from some strange men and I think is killed. I have a suspisiom that it may have been nazis and the movie takes place during WW2 but I can’t be sure

anyways the boy is forced to spend time with the girl and he plays with his toy plane in a field while she watches. The grandpa says something to the boy to convince him to try to be nice to the girl and the boy and girl become good friends.

The girl gets triggered or bullied and runs away and disappears. She is later found in a furnace room or somewhere covered in soot.

The end of the movie ends with the girl being sent away to I think a hospital. The boy doesn’t want her to go so he runs to her and his father chases after him and it ends with the boy and girl hugging on a bench.

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