Movie about a boy and and old man who tells him stories about leprechauns

There is a movie that I saw approximately in the early 2000s (though I feel as if the movie could possibly be older than that)

It was about a young boy who had a mother that was neglectful. I believe he begins a relationship with a neighbor, an older gentleman, who tells the boy stories to entertain him. So basically the boy becomes closer with the older man, than he does with his mother. The mother is always worried about their finances. The old man tells the boy that there are leprechauns that left him gold, and that he has to wait for it. The movie ends with the man giving him the money (I’m not sure if that is quite right but the boy ends up with the money). The old man has to go away. There is a scene where the boy is throwing all the money from his pockets onto the floor in front of his mom saying something like “The leprechauns took him away”. I think the final scene was of the old man in a car driving away.

Now I am POSITIVE that this movie is not a fantasy, upbeat type of movie. I saw it when I was about 10, and all the subplot and allusions flew above my head. But the movie did imply that the old man was wanted for something, or was being looked for. Can anyone help me?



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