Movie about 4 generations coming into one..

In the very first scene of this movie it feature a women robbing a convenience store at gun point. While she was holding the gun up she had something like a flashback.. Later in the movie this women’s son was walking during a storm where he became in contact with his grandmother. During the conversation between the two, the grandson mention his grandmother car was a classic. It was a classic to him, but not to her because she believes she is in her timezone. The 60s. While he believe he is in his generation, 21 century. Later in the movie the son’s great grandfather was presented. He was an german war soldier with a necklace that he has passed down. The Mother, Grandmother, Grandson and Grandfather? All knew they we’re contacted because they all had the necklace and was familiar with it because it was passed down. The women who had robbed the store gave birth to her son, she died during childbirth. All four generations of the family was in a shed sorting this out at one point. Key Points : German Soldier, Necklace, Flashback into time?, Story robbery in beginning, Shed where all “found” each other, Mother to son died of child birth, 

Great Grand Father to son : 1940s ( During War )

Grandmother to son : 1960s ( Daughter of german soldier )

Mother to son : 1980s

Son (21 Century ) 

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