Foreign(?) “arthouse” type movie about boy who stabs blond girl in a cave

I saw this movie on a DVD I think about around 2010 – not sure what the movie’s date was.

From memory – it was about some young teens – a blond girl is on holiday and she has a relationship with a young guy. Once again, memory is foggy, but I think there is another girl that likes the guy as well. Near the end of the movie, the three of them are in a cave and the guy stabs the first girl.


Sorry, but that’s all I can recall – would appreciate someone remembering the name of it!


2 thoughts on “Foreign(?) “arthouse” type movie about boy who stabs blond girl in a cave

  1. This sounds very much like Maladolescenza (1977) (on IMDB). Essentially a fantasy/dream love-triangle between a brunette girl (actress Lara Wendel), a blonde girl (Eva Ionesco), and a boy (Martin Loeb). The blonde is manipulative and seductive, whereas the brunette is resistant to the boy’s advances. German/Italian movie, filmed in Italian.

    This movie is considered rather risque in the UK and US since it involves adolescent nudity and young adolescents in a sexual context. There is full nudity with let’s say “little care” about the camera angle. The two actresses were both 12 at the time. The actor was 18 but looked younger (SFW headshots are available via Google Images).

    1. Stabbing at 3m18 (of 3m30) in the following excerpt (mute your audio as it’s been overdubbed with a number from Technicolour Dreamcoat).

      One of the few genuine excepts (not scams) on Youtube which don’t require sign-in.

      p.s. “love triangle” was a bit a obscure. Think Adam, Eve, and Lilith.

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