Move about a guy uses potion to create women but something goes wrong

I might have been around 10 years old when saw it so early 90s but movie might have been from 80s. Either it was on cable or VHS, my brother and or uncle was watching it, what I saw was brief as I was likely told to leave room because of mature content, so definite R rated I believe as there were naked women I think. Not 100% sure if a movie or maybe a TV show like Tales From The Crypt.

There was a guy, kind of a Weird Science sounding movie but I think he had created some potion that could create hot women probably for his own pleasure, but the part I remembered was I think he had a working potion but had spilled some and what ended up happening is he thought it worked he was approaching the girl whose lower body was obscured only to discover she hadn’t fully formed below the torso and was still a pile of goo below and in a panic he retreats and then discovers that in his closet another similar horror of a half formed woman and he was in some state of panic as I was ushered out of the room. Not sure if I remembered half of that right but if anything rings a bell feel free to share.

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