Mother wakes up after an accident to be told she doesn’t have a son

  1. I saw the movie maybe around 2011-2013. It’s an american film and it was on dvd.
  2. The main character is a mom. She and her child ( which I’m 99% sure it was a boy) either go to the park or a party or something. The child gets distracted by a balloon and tries to get it, almost getting run over but the mom pulls him out of the way instead getting hit by the truck. The next scene she wakes up in the hospital and she’s asking where her son is and the doctor’s say that she doesn’t have a son.
  3. She doesn’t understand and looks at all her records and aks people and no one remembers her with a son. Eventually though, she passes by a house and her son is outside in the front yard. I think she tries to call him but a woman takes him inside. Apparently that woman and her husband is the main character’s son’s parents?
  4. I don’t recall ever finishing the movie and finding out if that was actually her son and they stole him or some memory erasure was going on but i’ve been searching for the film for years and i hope someone could find out what it is.
  5. P.s. The main character (the mother) was a white woman with dark mid-length/long hair.

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