Looking for Movies with a Twist

Looking for old movies that had these twists:

1. Movie where husband and wife travel to some place in europe, because the wife is due to inherit a mansion. But the old lady who is dying is actually a witch. When she dies, the woman inherits the curse and becomes the new witch. The husband tries to get away ( even has a crossbow ) but after killing the butler and such, all roads lead back to the estate. And those he killed come back to life. There was some vicious dogs, too.

2. “B” Movie where husband and wife let a young man ( and his girlfriend ) move in – and the young kid helps out around the place. ( lots of yard work ). In the end, there’s a huge twist where he plans to kill her husband to free her from him, yet doesn’t know there’s a double twist. They are clearing out a forest and the dynamite is hidden IN the switch box. So as the husband goes away, the kid pushes the lever and BAM he gets blown up but doesnt die. Comes back ( all tore up ) in the ending scene to try to save the woman.

3. Another old movie where a man and wife move to some place in the middle of nowhere cause of his job, and she ‘appears’ to be going crazy. Hears voices and sees creatures coming out of her fireplace ( that was boarded up ) at night. In the end, she’s talking to her husband on the phone ( who HEARS the voices of the creatures ) and finally believes her. As the creatures come out to take her into the fireplace,… she grabs a camera and snaps photos – because the light repels them. In the end, the husband gets home and finds only pictures of the creatures, and her wife gone. ( into the fireplace ).

4. Another possibly european movie,… a guy is driving his car down the road and a woman comes out to be rescued. Turns out she was captured and about to be killed in some sort of ritual thing. I think there was some sort of magical ‘mirror’ in the story line. Anyways, one thing leads to another, and the man has to wind up rescuing her from the cult as she gets captured again, but finds out that HE winds up becoming the sacrifice instead of her.

5. Another “B” movie from years ago,… all I can remember is that there was a twisted husband who was praying on his wife’s fears. Apparently she had a fear of being ‘buried alive’ and was on heavy meds. I can’t recall much of the movie except at one point, he gets her to pass out, then puts her in a coffin and ‘pretends’ to bury her by putting the coffin in the basement and just sprinkling some dirt on it. I can’t recall the rest of that movie though.

Any help on finding these movies would be great. I’m betting most of them are 480p resolution ( the days of VHS maybe ). I Dunno. please help. I never wrote down the names of those movies.

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