Monster Stalker In A Science Complex

So I had to of watched this movie in the late 90’s early 2000’s but the movie could be a bit older as it was on vhs. The movie was in color and I believe english. The whole story revolved around these scientists in some middle of nowhere complex researching something but then some strange unknown creature stalks them and kills them one by one. Some deaths come at the hand of the creature and other deaths I remember drown when a room floods and they have to do the typical close the door or we all drown. In the end there are 2 or 3 people left and they had to blow up the complex. One of the characters at the end I remember being left behind and thought to have been taken by the monster to end up making it out alive.

The only thing I guess about is that I watched this with a friend whose family was obsessed with old Godzilla movies so I feel like this is some weird origins story to the creature but I honestly do not know as the creature was human size and again I guess growing.


Thanks for reading and replying if you do.

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