Monster Lizards (VHS, in color)

I saw this in a VHS movie tape years ago.

This guy was taking to a hospital and a doctor took out a parasite looking worm out of the guy.

Fast forward, the guy has $*x with a woman.

Fast forward, this group of people, like a SWAT team, go inside a jewelry store or museum(idk). The group sees a monster lizard, dinosaur, looking thing. These monsters appear a lot of times in the movie. The place is filled with booby traps.

I remember one of the scenes where a guy fell from a floor and landed stomach flat one the floor below which was covered with spikes.

At the end of the movie a nun talks to the man and woman. The man and woman walk around the city and most of the humans are gone, probably eaten by the monsters, and a ending scene I remember is that a bicycle wheel is still spinning even though nobody is there, only the two people.

I believe that the movie also ends in a jumpscare.

That’s all I remember. I tried to remember everything I could. I hope any of you can help. Ty!

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