Lifetime Movie from a few years ago

This was a lifetime movie from around 2013 or 2014. Two children, a teenage girl and her younger brother, had their parents die. So they went to live with their maternal aunt and her husband. Around the neighborhood people were going missing. As it turns out the woman and her husband were homicidal killers. They even killed the girls parents. During the final showdown in the basement, the aunt corners the girl and is about ready to kill her with a knife, but then the brother kills the aunt. Any ideas?

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  1. Thanks for replying, but no. This is not the Glass House or even the Glass House sequel in 2006. The plotline was similar, but no it was specifically a lifetime movie..

  2. Thanks for your reply but this isn’t it. In The Visit the siblings went to stay with who they thought were their grandparents. The movie I am remembering was a TV movie where they stayed with their aunt and uncle.

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