Monster Horror Movie

Google doesn’t seem to be helping at all here. I can only remember a couple of scenes from this movie.

It was about monsters that lived in tunnels under the house. They specifically “befriend” the little girl in the family. Her family doesn’t believe her when she talks about the monsters.

At one point, another character, sitting on the stairs I think, peels back the wallpaper and finds a drawing of the monsters.

At another point, someone is running away from the house. The monsters reach up through the ground and grab his leg, tripping him so that he falls onto a knife or other weapon, killing him.

The monsters end up tying the family to their beds and setting the house on fire.

If I remember correctly, this was something that was supposed to have happened before as well — as in, to another girl and another family. I believe the family survives but the other family had not.

If anyone knows the name of this I would greatly appreciate your help. I could swear I went on a massive Google search trying to find the name a long time ago and was successful, but this time, not so much.

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