A semi sci fi esque film about space traveling people

So I’m looking for this foreign film, about this small planet.  The people there gather once a year, on top of a green grassy hill, to share their bounty, talk about the needs of each community, and discuss the planets around them that need help.  They get around to talking about earth and the people are reluctant to go, but one woman decided to go because she went like forty years ago.  They all go to the lake and form a circle around her while standing in the lake, and send her off with telekinesis.  Her two sons are worried about her when they finally communicate, by standing in water.  The mother had met two girls who help her find her way, and the two sons are interested in meeting them, so they secretly arrange to go to earth.  An old man figures out what they’re up to, and helps them.  But with only three people sending them, they fly off course and end up in Australia, meeting Aborigines who can communicate with them telepathically. They have a great time, and help them get to where they are going.

It’s a great, fun film, but for the life of me cannot find it again. Any help would be awesome!



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