Monster flick?

So I caught glimpses of this one movie late night in the late 90s.  I was only a kid so my recollection is pretty fuzzy, but I think I remember a few scenes. Some military types are walking down some rickety stairs when they collapse and one of the dudes falls through (there might have been water at the bottom). He is then promptly eaten by something.  Later another soldier (black maybe?) sticks his arm into a hole in the wall for some stupid reason.  Chomp chomp monster clamps down on him (I think it had tusks at this point) and the rest of the guys just leave him there to be eaten like assholes.  Final scene I remember is a guy and a girl in a dark room up to at least their waists in water. I’m assuming they’re the lead actors since they weren’t immediately eaten by something for the moment I saw them.


Can anyone help me figure this one out?  If I had to guess the channel it was on I’d say TNT.

8 thoughts on “Monster flick?

    1. It was totally Graveyard Shift! Thanks dude that’s been nagging the back of my mind for years now.

      1. Awesome, I thought I might be way off. Glad it worked out for ya. Another similar old 80’s I think you should see is. The Boogens.

    1. Lol that’s OK. Just happy we got a reply. Surprised I got it. Had a few more guesses just in case.

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