Mech Anime

Looking for an Anime. MC (I think) is in an old Mech fighting newer versions and destroying them. He is in a competition style fight, he is fighting through the nobles to get to the king to save the kings like from an evil female. But the only way he can get to the king is to defeat all the nobles in mech fights. they all make fun of his mech and underestimates him and he beats them with ease. It was an Anime with English Dub.

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  1. Thanks you much πŸ™‚ guess am too old to know todays lingo πŸ˜› “put on trivia helmet and returns to action” Have a blessed day!

  2. sorry for double/triple posting, am trying to goggle how to erase multiples, but this be the last post on that, if thats the right reply “thumbs up”

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