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Kid returns

Looking for a movie or tv show about a boy who went missing and returns like 5-10 years later and looks the same with no memory of where he was. he soon finds that he has some weird powers and a cute girl with black hair is protecting him from some evil force. Early 2000’s to mid 2000’s movie. American.

Mech Anime

Looking for an Anime. MC (I think) is in an old Mech fighting newer versions and destroying them. He is in a competition style fight, he is fighting through the nobles to get to the king to save the kings like from an evil female. But the only way he can get to the king is to defeat all the nobles in mech fights. they all make fun of his mech and underestimates him and he beats them with ease. It was an Anime with English Dub.

Caregiver is murdered

I am looking for an episode of a tv series. I do not remember the tv series though.

The episode was about a caregiver who takes advantage of the elderly people he takes care of. I remember bits and pieces of the episode but i remember the ending is very good detail.

He is sitting on the couch eating his tv dinner on a tv dinner tray watching jeopardy and calls the contestant and idiot. Then some gentleman come in and knock him out, he awakens and realizes he is tied up. And someone like a lawyer is talking about taking the his files and making sure he cant screw anyone over again and i think he is then murdered by the bad guys helping the lawyer guy.

ME sent to jail for planting evidence

Looking for a tv show episode. Here is what i remember

– Medical Examiner is sent to jail for planting evidence
– friend of the main character
– Black lady
– She was is in alot of episodes before her history was discovered
– She was mad that her friend is the one turned her in
– NOT the shows Bull, Body of proof
– Was an episode in one of the crime tv show i believe

Robot Wild West

Looking for a movie or tv show episode where it is set in the Wild West Days.

I remember most of the plot. A guy is hiding in a wild west town (as a doctor) to avoid intergalactic war where he is a war criminal and is being hunted by a robotcyborg soldier that he was responsible for creating. The movie ends with the bad guy trying to escape in the hunters ship and it explodes. At the end it had a woman talking about the town and she was the granddaughter of the little girl in the town.