ME sent to jail for planting evidence

Looking for a tv show episode. Here is what i remember

– Medical Examiner is sent to jail for planting evidence
– friend of the main character
– Black lady
– She was is in alot of episodes before her history was discovered
– She was mad that her friend is the one turned her in
– NOT the shows Bull, Body of proof
– Was an episode in one of the crime tv show i believe

3 thoughts on “ME sent to jail for planting evidence

  1. Better details i remember:

    Medical Examiner is a friend of the person that discovered what she was doing
    The guilty medical examiner was a older black lady
    I believe the show was a cop show. 
    It was not an episode of Bull

    1. Could be on Law and Order SVU or Criminal Minds, perhaps. I saw this scene, cannot pinpoint where exactly though…

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