Martial arts movie with biker gang

After watching ‘Rumble in the Bronx’ last night (in the hopes that it was the one I was trying to remember), I’m stumped.

The only scene I can remember is the protagonist running from a group of bikers into a skate park/subway/construction site. Two bikers chase him up a wall, where he clings to a chain-link fence.

I realize this isn’t much to go on, but I’ve already skimmed through all of Jackie Chan’s relevant movies and haven’t found it yet. It’s possible it could be a Jet Lee movie, but I felt like the movie as a whole had a more comic feel to it that is common of Jackie Chan’s movies.

6 thoughts on “Martial arts movie with biker gang

  1. “The Cannonball Run”(1981)? Jackie Chan has an early appearance in this American movie and there is a fight scene with some bikers.

  2. Didn’t see a single bike in ‘Who Am I?’ and wrong kind of bikers (I think they were on sport or dirt bikes) in ‘The Cannonball Run’. Thanks for trying, guys.

  3. Maybe it’s one of Jackie Chan’s older Hong Kong movies like Police Story or Crime Story, I know they had sport bikes in them but I don’t really remember the specific scenes right now.

  4. I don’t want to say that it *was* a Jackie Chan movie, I’m just trying to connect the dots from what I remember. The lead actor could very well be someone I’m not familiar with.

    A few other things I remember:

    1) The main character is new to the area where the movie takes place
    2) He has a friend (or acquaintance) that lives in the city
    3) The city is near the sea

    Take these with a grain of salt though. I could just be remembering bits of other movies.

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