Man tormented while shackled to a table

Here is a film or TV still that I am trying to identify that was unlabeled in a book. A man is shackled to a table while 3 other men stand beside him. One is pulling on his hair, one is threatening to punch him, and the other is watching this with approval. The latter man is holding a fan, which would seem to indicate that the film is set in the tropics. The book was published in 1965, so the film must definitely predate that. (I have a feeling it is from the 1950s or early 1960s.) If you cannot identify the film, then perhaps you could identify one of the actors. Note that the picture appears as it was printed in the book and it may or may not have been reversed as if by a mirror.


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  1. You can now mark this post solved. I recently came upon an identical promotional still on the internet and it was identified as being from “Congo Bill” an American serial from 1948. This serial is posted on YouTube and I found that the scene depicted in the still came from chapter 8, “Sinister Schemes.”

    The man on the table is ‘Congo Bill’ played by Don McGuire and behind him, the man with the fan is one of the villains, Kreeg, played by Charles King. Next to Kreeg are his unnamed henchmen played by Eddie Parker (center) and an unidentified actor.

  2. For unknown reasons, over the years the link to the picture seems to have disappeared. I am providing the link again in case anyone is still interested. (Comment if it doesn’t work.),%20p260.jpg

    (The photo that the link brings up is safe for work, but there are other pages on this website that are not, and so the entire site may be blocked by some firewalls.)

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