Man is stabbed, his intestines unravel onto the sidewalk & a dog eats them

  • saw @ IFC Center NYC, possibly 2005/2006 ( around the same time that 13 Tzameti screened)
  • foreign; colour
  • older brother was trying to protect younger brother, went to jail
  • the most visually disturbing scene is when a character is stabbed , while outside on the sidewalk, and his intestines start to unravel out of his body. There is a pitbull that eats them.
  • the pitbull winds up being shot after it “passes” some of the intestines.
  • someone else is killed and their intestines are cut out for revenge.
  • towards the end, two of the characters are shot at as they run across a bridge trying to cross a boarder ( not sure what country)
  • thanks

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