sexually explicit/violent anime possibly from the ’80s

  • had this on VHS ! and loaned it to a friend in the early ’90s never to see it again
  • scene I remember: women, naked and strapped to a giant machine. The machine was silver, circular , in the center of a large room, and the women were strapped to the ends of the “arms” that jetted out from the center. From those “arms” another metal “arm” would come out and, ahem, rape the women, taking their blood. They then shriveled and turned to skeletons and some evil giant creature was fed with the blood; the floor cracked open and I think a volcano erupted or there was lava flowing.
  • sorry for the violence but I’ve been wanting to know the name of this for a long time… apparently I watch fairly violent films.
  • it’s animated, bright colours , might not be Japanese but it is foreign… and I believe it was part of a series.
  • Thanks

3 thoughts on “sexually explicit/violent anime possibly from the ’80s

  1. Urotsukidōji II Legend of the demon womb? I’ll have to give it another watch. I know the series is infamous for the tentacle rape scenes but I think the second one has a rape machine in it.

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