Magician movie

It was the late 90’s on Fox. It was in english and color. It was shown as a television movie, but I think they were trying to make it into a tv series, but it never gained momentum.

The movie was about a brother and sister living together. The brother took care of the finances by performing street magic. At one point, he shows off a hovering object between his hands to his sister. Saying he switched it up be changing the thread color. The sister dreams of the day where she is rich and lives a luxurious lifestyle. This is backed up flashbacks of her driving a red convertible.

In comes another magician and his female assistant. Instead of simple parlor tricks, they use “real” magic. Such as hovering objects with blue energy only seen by those that were chosen to see or something like that. It later turns out they’re from a group that protects people and have been around for hundreds/thousands of years. The magician selected the brother to pass on the title and role of protector to him and his assistant would aid him as it was his time to do so (I think he dies of old age).

As with any other movie, there’s a primary villain who’s been in captivity and finally breaks free. he coerces the sister to join him as he seduces her with giving her what she wants most in the world (the red convertible). The brother is being trained and is ushered into fighting him. At the end, the villain grabs the sister and throws her into the night sky and she fades away/disappears. I don’t remember if the antagonist was killed or he retreated. At the end, the brother is seen mourning, while the assistant comforts him, saying they’ll find his sister one day.

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