Low budget or no budget indie horror film?

I remember watching this movie within the last 4 or 5 years.  It was in color.  It was around the same time I watched Dogtooth so I think I was searching for indie/horror/lowbudget/festivalfilms or something along those lines when I stumbled across it.

In the movie I remember a sort of desert setting or at least scenes in a desert.  This young girl lives with her mother who is sickly (I can’t remember if the mom had a drug problem or not), but the daughter is tired of taking care of her.  I also can’t remember if at some point in the movie the mother dies.

Anyway the daughter gets a letter from her father who I think is either in prison or has passed away recently himself – anyway he’s not in the film.  The letter says that she has two half siblings, a brother and sister.

As the movie goes on she seeks her siblings out and finds them in a college type area.  The weird part is that they are dating and don’t know they are related.  I think the half sister might even be pregnant.  At some point the girl ends up in her half brothers dorm room and either she or he tries to seduce the other.

The whole thing has a weird mood and I remember scenes with a large bonfire.  I also can’t remember if she reveals the truth to her half siblings.

I know this isn’t much to go on, but it’s been driving me crazy for so long that I can’t remember this movie.  If I remember more I will add a comment.  Thanks!

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