Animated Christmas movie about elves/Santa’s workshop?

I saw this American, color movie on TV probably in the 90’s. It’s an animated Christmas movie focusing on Santa’s elves in the workshop. There’s one part where a couple elves are in a sled pulled by lemmings. As they approach a cliff, the elves scream and the lemmings stop just in time (I think they were freaking out due to the “lemmings jump off cliffs” rumor.) There’s one older grumpy elf with a grey or white beard who’s always kind of negative. There’s one line of dialogue I remember where the grumpy elf says “I’d appreciate it if he left.” There’s also a song sung by one of the main elves, one of the lines is “I’m the odd elf out.” If anyone can help I’d appreciate knowing what this is for nostalgia’s sake!

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