Loved based story between a married couple

Okay, I don’t remember how this movie starts off but I remember the main events that happened. It is a movie and I’m pretty sure I seen it in around 2010-2013 but I’m not sure. So pretty much this is a love story of complications between this married couple, the husband is the one messing up and the wife is the one who keeps putting up with it. He has an addiction to porn, the wife finds out and I think it really upset her. So the husband goes to his dad for advice, to figure how to fight for someone who doesn’t love you anymore. The dad and mom are very Christian. The dad gives his son the idea of a book of I think 100 things to try and by the end of the book, he should win his wife’s love back. (That’s not an accurate count.) well he does it, surprises her with flowers, I think some breakfast and tries to take her out to dinner. By the end of the movie, he wins his wife and conquers his problem. At the end of the movie his father tells him that him and his mom had gone through the same thing, one lost love for the other and the other fought for the love back. The plot twist was that, even though the father was giving his son the advice he needed as if he had done the same thing, he actually tells his son that [he] had been the one to lose love for his mother and his mother was the one who had fought to get it back. Then the son goes back into his house where his mother and wife were, crying and apologized and hugged his mom. I believe it was because he had been avoiding her and didn’t want anything to do with her assuming that she had put his through what he had gone. But that might not be correct. I hope that’s enough to the answer of the title of this movie, I remember it and I’ve been trying 1 year to find it and figure it out but I can’t. If you know it or have any possible ideas that will lead me to it, let me know please. Thank you in advanced!

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