scifi movie mid to late 80’s

I have been wracking my brain over this title for years. There are only 4 characters that I remember, but I dont remember their names, so lets call them; good guy, bad guy, fat guy, and ladyface. So the plot as far as I remember is that good guy, and bad guy work in the same labratory together, making biohazard super suits. Good guy and ladyface are bf/gf or husband/wife. And then there is fat guy who if I remember right only serves to be the creepy stalker guy for ladyface. Ok something goes down in the lab between good guy and bad guy, and while good guy is in a test cell bad guy burns him alive to try and take credit for all of their work and to steal ladyface from good guy. Well good guy is badly burned, but not dead, and his super suit is damaged, leaking this white paste, but still operational. Well good guy goes on a murder death kill rampage and one thing leads to another and good guy is in an alley way with fat guy in a car. Well fat guy tries his luck at running good guy over and to no avail. Good guy quickly turns the tables on fat guy and pushes the car and crushes the poor fat bastard in his car like a tube of tooth paste. Then naturally the good guy and the bad guy have a final showdown in their super suits. Hopefully that is enough info for you guys to help me figure this out.

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