Loud vomiting in the 80’s

Hello, I’m trying to find out the title of a U.S. theatrical movie from the mid to late 80’s. Probably released sometime between 1985-1990 is my best guess. It should NOT be a horror movie.  It should be Rated-R. I’m thinking it was probably a thriller or a drama, maybe a cop movie, but it could also be a comedy. There was a scene in which a woman vomits loudly and violently for at least 5 seconds. Then I remember hearing sirens after that, like the police or ambulance arriving. All I can remember is hearing 5-10 seconds of this woman puking violently and then sirens.  I know that it’s not Terminal Choice, Witches of Eastwick, or Dead Bang.  Thanks for any tips you can provide!

2 thoughts on “Loud vomiting in the 80’s

  1. Maybe the movie Scary movie (1,2,3) it’s not a horror but is a spoof (comedy) of a lot of horror movies. I feel like this could be the exorcism scene from that movie

    1. No that’s not it, but thanks for the reply. The movie I’m talking about is an 80’s movie. Anyway the first Scary Movie came out in 2000.

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