Boy with glowing red eyes shoots fireballs

I saw a portion of a movie (or possibly an episode of a TV show) sometime around 1998-2000 that I’ve been trying to find again ever since. It was in English and color. It started with a boy laying on a table in some kind of lab or hospital, and there were people around him wearing some sort of suit like a hazmat suit. They put him in something like a coffin and put him in the back of a van. While driving, one of the suited men hears whispers from the coffin saying things like “help me.” So he opens in and flames burst out. The van crashes in flames. Not long after, a couple comes by in a pickup truck and they see the boy walking from the wreckage and the man calls out to him. The boy then whips his head around as the camera zooms in on him rapidly to reveal glowing red eyes. A fireball shoots out of the boy and destroys the couple’s pickup. That’s about all I remember. Please help me find out what this is!

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    1. Yes, that’s it! Thank you for finding it. I got a few details wrong, but I just watched it and it’s definitely the movie I was thinking of. Again, thanks a million!

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