Lottery Winner Trapped in a Diner

Saw this movie around 1995. It was in English. It was in color.

The plot is a group of people are trapped in a diner, I think it was due to a snow storm. While trapped in the diner, one of the characters checks his lottery ticket and realizes he has won the lottery. Because he is trapped, he cannot present the ticket for the winnings and the others in the diner realize they can steal it.

I specifically remember a scene where one of the characters has a gun and is pointing it at another character. The gun is then knocked into a deep frier. The man, now without a weapon, sticks his hand in the deep frier to retrieve the gun to defend himself from the other character.

I also remember the last scene, which is when this lady that was in the diner who was homeless and crazy is tearing up paper pieces because she likes to dip them in her coffee. She comes across the winning lottery ticket and decides to tear it up and dip it in her coffee. At this point, she looks up and makes eye contact with the camera and says something to the effect of “What are you looking at?”

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