Looking for possible alien abduction movie?


When I was very young, maybe 7 or 8, I’m 23 now, I saw a movie that really influenced me for some reason (intrigue and fear haha). It was probably an 80’s or 90’s movie, maybe an episode of something since I do distinctly remember seeing it on TV.

I’m not sure if I saw the entire movie, and I have very little memory of it and because it was so long ago I may not be remembering it correctly, so I apologize.. But this one part I do remember.. A girl, not a little girl, maybe a teenager or adult woman, being kidnapped by an alien, or some sort of monster life-form thing?? I remember it being an alien, but like I said, I may be remembering it differently.. I also distinctly remember in this scene.. A desert planet, or maybe some long barren strip of land, and the alien taking this girl in some sort of wagon across it.. I’m not sure, but it was something like that! She was not a willing participant lol I remember her being tied up or restrained in some way.. And then all I remember after that part is the aliens putting her into some sort of contraption in a building of sorts…

And thats all I got. I know I saw it on TV, it was in English and I know it was in color.

I know thats not much to go on, but if anyone has any idea’s please let me know!

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