90’s teen movie

I believe this is a 90’s movies, but could have been early 00’s or even late 80’s.

All I remember is a scene which i think is close to the beginning of the movie where the protagonist – an unpopular girl is at a high school or college house party and she is standing in the way of the popular guy in school. He tells her to move and she mishears him and says “Moo?” he then repeats and tells her to move and people start laughing at her. I have a feeling that through the movie people at school would Moo at her like a cow.

The movie was definitely in English, I believe it was an american teen movie. I have been trying to figure this one out for years.

5 thoughts on “90’s teen movie

    1. Thank you so much Jennifer!! SOLVED <3

      2000 sounds about right I was only 10 at the time.

      I never thought I would know what movie it was, My parents changed the channel half way through and I've thought about it on and off I guess the last 14 years.

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