Looking for a YouTube video?

i watched a YouTube video last year but my account reset and I can no longer access my past history 🙁

i really want to find it again but it’s not saved in any of my playlists so I’m going to put everything I can remember here in the hope that someone might recognise it?

I’m pretty sure it was post-200, it was in colour, it was in English, there was a teaser, and a full half hour episode, possibly more episodes?

it was a space adventure along the lines of “undercover brother”, but set on a spaceship?

there was a captain who was like lando calrissian, there was a (I think) white skinned female robot type, some sort of space princess/lady with alien powers who was on the run from a weird cult?

any suggestions would be awesome, even if it’s just vaguely similar, I may not even be remembering it right *d’oh*

5 thoughts on “Looking for a YouTube video?

    1. Wow, how have I never seen this before *LOL* thanks for the suggestion!
      Unfortunately this is not the video I saw *sad face*
      It’s proving so hard to find *headdesk*

      1. Sorry, this is me, I couldn’t remember what my log in was and got the wrong username *facepalm*

  1. It took a lot of searching and in the end pure luck that I found this *facepalm*

    Blackstar Warrior (2018)

    Not the 2019 Lando Calrissian remake, but the original Tyson vs The Man version (which was awesomely cheesy good fun, I miss it and wish they hadn’t removed it from the internet *sad face*


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