Looking for a pre-2000 action movie

It was in colour, it was in English, it was made in the US I’m pretty sure (you’re standard Rambo-esque type but set in the mid-to-south-west US).

It could be anywhere between the 70s and the 90s, I can’t really remember what people were wearing but there was a lot of denim?

The only scene I can sort of remember is the last few minutes of the movie, there was a small plane that might have had a kidnapped person or a baddie in it, and a car chasing it, I think the car crashes because I remember someone (possibly the hero) being pulled out of the crashed car and put in the back of a vehicle (ambulance, or pick-up truck?) There were a lot of people standing around, maybe a girlfriend or sister who gets in the back of the vehicle with the wounded hero?

The hero had dark hair, and might have been Native American perhaps?

Sorry to be super vague, I really just caught the last few minutes and I’ve been trying to find it (I’ve seen so many cheese-filled action movies now that I can’t keep track of them all *LOLs* πŸ˜‰

Suggest anything you might think fits the request, I’ll check them all out til I find it again πŸ˜€

4 thoughts on “Looking for a pre-2000 action movie

    1. Hi there, thanks for both those suggestions but I’ve already seen all three Thunder movies and it’s not them, sorry πŸ™

  1. I could have been wrong about it being a Native American hero, I had a vague memory of the hero perhaps having a porn-stache, so perhaps it was an Italian action movie I’m trying to remember? *pokes brain a bit more to see what falls out*

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