Looking for a girl in a house filled with death traps

It’s not Saw or the collection.

I saw it on tv and it was in English and color.

I don’t have an approximate date of when I saw it, since it was so long ago.

I think it’s about a group of people who are looking for this girl inside a house thats filled with many traps and puzzles that are designed to kill.

I only remember three scenes from the movie:

1. On the floor of one room, there is a giant puzzle and a book on a stand next to it. I think one of the characters walked on the puzzle and accidentally activated a trap that impaled them.

2. A man walks into a narrow hallway that only contains an old fashioned phone on one of the walls. He picks up the phone and then the exits close and the walls start moving in on him. I think he manages to escape somehow.

3. One of the characters finds the girl inside the wall of a bedroom. Wherever she is, water is slowly filling up so they have to get her out quickly before she drowns.


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