Loch Ness monster esque film

I do not know when the film was made as I watched it from LoveFilm. All I remember is that it has a very similar story to that of the Water Horse but the title began with an ‘M’ The story was that a young boy in modern times found an egg from a lake which I assumed was Loch Ness. He then hatched the egg in the bathtub whereupon an old Scottish woman told him the legend of this creature. The creature did not have back fins and a tail like the water horse, it just had a tail. The name of the creature was the same as the title of the film. When the creature got to big for the house, the boy got help from his family and a Native American man to release the creature whereupon it was reunited with its mother. Poachers then tried to capture the creature but it and its mother swam in circles creating a whirlpool below the poachers and sucked them down.

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