Live-action show with magic in it

I don’t remember much of this show and I never knew the name of it. I saw it when I was very young somewhere in the ’90s. I remember it was live-action and a comedy show. It had some guy with brown bushy hair and a moustache who had magic powers. My sister used to refer to him as a “genie” of some kind. I’m not sure if this was true considering I never saw any lamp.

There was this one episode I remember where the magic man was in a parents’ meeting between a woman’s kid and his grumpy coach. In that episode, during the meeting, he turned the coach back into a kid and the woman’s kid into an adult to teach the coach a lesson temporarily. The woman comes and finds to her shock that her son is an adult thanks to the magic man and then turns the adult back into a kid.

Before giving out any answers directly, read the details carefully, then, tell me what is the name of that show, please?

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