Lion Guard episode names

This is very important. I need a full list of ALL the names of the Lion Guard episodes that feature the scene where Kion talks to his grandfather, Mufasa as soon as possible because of something important I’m working on these past few days. Already, I know the pilot movie episode is one of them but I don’t know about the rest, so, please, I need a little help when possible.

2 thoughts on “Lion Guard episode names

  1. I only know of one. It’s called “The Pretentious Prince,” but I don’t know which season it’s from:- The young prince pretends as if the bullshit party he wants to throw for himself should be as important to everyone else in order to entice his serfs to arrange the celebration for him. His reason: he can’t possibly organise the party himself as he is too busy affecting the sense of pressure he is under to throw the greatest party possible in his honour.

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