liftime move time travel

This movie was made I think in 2006 or later I’ll comeback to why I think that

It’s a made for TV movie

This movie is in color and English

this man buys an old house and decides to fix it up

While doing this he somehow begins to communicate with a woman who lived in the house in the 1950s or 1960s. This woman is in a very unhappy marriage and has an abusive husband she enjoys talking with the man from the future. At first she isn’t feeling well and he manages to go to a medical Dr. In our time and find out that she has Lyme disease, and then tells her how to treat it.

The man from the future actually finds out that the woman died in a house fire not too long after she started seeing him in the past. the climax of the movie has him seeing the past the day that she died in the fire and for some reason when he runs the helper he finds himself in the past just long enough to get her Out of a lock room she’s in he disappears back to his own time almost immediately and is able to find her living in another town in present day when he goes to meet her and also ends up meeting her daughter and is amplified they fall in love.

Much of this premise seems to be similar to the movie the lake house which was made and 2006 which is why I think it was made soon after

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