movie/music video?maybe? BLACK AND WHITE 80s or 90s -2006


I remember sneaking into my living room at night once I was like in 5th grade maybe so around 2006. I saw this scene and it looked more or less like a music video. there was this woman with white hair I think and she was in the woods throwing things into this hole in the ground and it was filled with bugs, whatever she threw in the bugs would devour it, like one time she threw in an iguana or something and the bugs ate it to the bone. at the end of the scene she fell into the hole.

i know this is a site for movies but this is my last hope I’ve tried everything to track this down please someone help me.

also I think it was on and indie music channel or it might have been a hard rock/metal song, I don’t know any pop songs that have such weird surreal music videos.


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