Leaving your husband is OK when you survive a tragedy !

A friend and I were talking about the way surviving a tragedy could change the way you make decisions for the rest of your life and I suddenly had a vague recollection of a certain scene in a certain movie (or TV episode)…

For as much as I can remember, there are only two characters talking in the scene: a man and a woman. They talk about another woman who just survived a tragedy (an accident ?). The woman who’s talking in the scene makes an argument about how that other woman would be totally justified to leave her husband. She implies that in this particular context, her husband could’nt be mad about it, that this tragedy (or accident) would give her a sort of “immunity”.

I’m quite sure that this scene has no real importance in the main plot of the movie, but I’m also under the impression that this movie is not some kind of obscure independant flick. An American drama from the 2000’s would be my guess. Any idea ?

2 thoughts on “Leaving your husband is OK when you survive a tragedy !

    1. That’s a good try. Thanks HBLibrarian! But I’m pretty sure that the movie I have in mind is not literally centered on a tragedy or an accident. In the scene I vaguely remember, the two characters are talking about a parallel situation in which they are not involved, a parallel situation that one of the characters brings up more as a metaphore (for what ? I don’t remember). Also, I have the feeling that the movie is more recent than this. If another title comes to your mind, please let me know ! Thanks again.

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