80’s move Road Warriors I think, Not Mad max at all.

I saw this movie/tv show around the time the movie and series The Highwayman came out(semi with the helicopter) as well as chuck norris’s MIA movies.

A bunch of guys and girls drive pickup trucks and cars that a modified into monster type vehicles and drive around in the jungle helping people calling themsleves the roadwarrios and I think the show was named the same or something meaning that. I also think there was one part where a woman was kidnapped and in a jungle hut and was forced before she was rescued by them.

I finally remember the blue sub noah cartoon and highwayman tv show and caveman movie, this is the last one that is bugging me to death.


5 thoughts on “80’s move Road Warriors I think, Not Mad max at all.

    1. I wish, i just saw different parts of that movie via Youtube, sad the truck had to be destroyed, but that wasn’t the one, thanks though!

  1. “Warriors of the Apocalypse”(1985)?

    This was the only post apocalypse movie I could think of with a jungle setting.

    1. Ah that was not it either, I should say that the mad max reference in my post is because when i google “the road warriors” i get mad max or the tag team, the clips i keep seeing in my mind are of kids in 80’s clothes, with shorts and tank tops, jeans.

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