Late 80s/Early 90s American Horror (Sci Fi mix possible?)

Hi all, I am new here and am glad such a medium exist to recall movies from vague memories.

Mine starts of with a young couple driving in a pizza delivery car (possibly an amc pacer if I am not mistaken) to some dark forsaken route for a joyride, running away from home, date or something like that.

If I remember correctly the car broke down in the middle of nowhere and
then there was this freak evil police (-alien?) that came in a classic police car and whacked the guy to kidnapped the girl and brought her back to a town that was stuck in time in the 40s or 50s.

With the help of an old man, the guy manage to jump to the timewarp zone and rescue his girlfriend along with another young lady that came back to the future but she became old after coming back in time. Just so happen that the other rescued lady is the girlfriend or wife of the old man that got kidnapped many years ago by the evil police (-alien?) too.

Hero manage to kill the evil police (-alien?) in the end.

I guess this could be a B Grade movie lol!

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