Korean romance (sad) drama movie with love triangle and one of the boys die?

I think I watched it around 2007-2009.

The girl is modest, timid, has relatively small eyes and has bangs.

One guy is popular, dominant and bit aggressive.

Other guy comes around. He’s more considerate and soft towards the girl, but turns out he’s a younger brother or some sort of the girl. Later he dies  (or disappears, leaving a letter. Girl cries beside the ocean while the letter is narrated)

Other scenes i remember:

  1.  The first guy is in the hospital, and the girl gets bullied buy another girl and her friends who has crush on him and end up in the same hospital.
  2. The guy confronts the girls who bullied her, punches the window to intimidate one of the bully friend and hurts his hand.
  3. The timid girl dresses up for a party, overdo it to the point of looking lie slut and made fun of. She almost gets raped by some older dude. The guy saves her. He asks while she was crying “Why are you dressed like this?” She answers “Because I wanted to look prettier than those girls”
  4. The second guy places his arms around her shoulder in front of the 1st guy. When he asks “what are you doing?” he answers “I’m just hugging my sister” knowing full well it irritates him.


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