Korean movie that is very similar to Mamma Mia

I have no idea when I saw it. Probably a few years ago in the early 2010s.

It was a Korean movie that was very similar to the movie Mamma Mia as it was about a single mom who moved to her hometown with her daughter, who is very rebellious just like her mom was, and there are three potential fathers of the girl that the mom has to find which one it was.

I have tried looking up specific scenes I remember but I can’t find it anywhere so please help me find it!! It was in Korean and it seemed to be from the late 2000s as the film and color was pretty good and I watched it by streaming it online.

The scenes I remember are the daughter burning down a manure shed thing with a cigarette and another scene of the mom and the real dad as teenagers in a pool hall and eventually hiding in there overnight to hide from cops.

Thats all I remember for the most part but I thank anybody who knows what this is!!

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