kitty Mathers from Dayton Ohio

A guy bump in to a girl twice there maybe we were supposed to meet they go on a date and someone recognizes her Say kitty Mather’s from Dayton,oh she lies says that not me the man come to find out everything he know about his wife is a lie he go to Dayton,oh finds her parent and brings them back to New York. She tells her psychiatrist that her husband beating her And has him lock in a crazy house where she tells him that his kid not his it his best friends kid they she now has all his $ that she is the side girl his best friend is cheating on wife with the lock husband they say there just one flaw in your plan no jury can convict him of murder cause he crazy then choke her to death THE END PLZ HELP I CANT REMEMBER THE NAME

2 thoughts on “kitty Mathers from Dayton Ohio

  1. Dream Lover- James Spader is the main character and Madchen Amick is the “mystery woman” he falls in love with and marries! (and kills at the end of the movie) 🙂 I love this movie!

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