Kinda scary

So basically it was like a year or two ago I saw it on demand I think it was a pretty new movie and is in color.

I know the main character is a guy and it takes place in a city. The big thing that should give it away is that there were these grayish-black winged creatures that would come kill people. these people would see them but people around them can’t see the creatures and the crime scene left no trace of it so police assume it’s suicide. And I don’t know if they saw it because they were the ones dying or if it’s because they were injected by it.

I also know these demons things are like controlled by this guy and there are a lot of them.

Okay this part I don’t know for sure but I’m like pretty confident it is. But I think the main character guy got involved with the stuff because his wife died and she was either working on the stuff and died, because she was one of the victims who died.

Anyone know??

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