japanese animated short film with woman that lands on tiny deserted island to fart

This shit is too obscure, I’ll be damned if anyone ever can identify this. I saw this movie on youtube years ago and Ive been trying to find it ever since. Its from the early 2000’s sometime Im guessing.

It was a short film, like under 10 minutes. It wasnt like an “anime” or typical manga style or anything like that, but it was japanese. It had this very flat 2D fixed perspective with with a wide side view, and no close ups.  Sort of like a 2D videogame-type perspective. Very striking thick flat colors, handdone animation. Very bizarre surreal beautiful.  No dialogue.

The only concrete thing I remember is this weird gag about this woman that goes to this tiny deserted island, barely any bigger than a person, to fart. But then this tourist boat comes by and they all take pictures and she gets red or something.

I know it sounds stupid but its one of my favorite bits of animation Ive ever seen, just the the animation part of it, and its always stuck in my memory for years.

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