Its a romantic movie i guess

I saw the movie about 6 months ago its probably made around 2015 though not sure.

I remember that theres a guy that fell in love with a woman so he lied about working in finance to get with her but later she finds that out and they argue about it

I remember a few scenes  theres a scene where they play on a trampoline in the backyard of a stranger and then they sit on it and chat and later i believe they kiss  i think the girl wore a golden dress and has blond short hair  im not sure if it was Kristen stewart or not

Theres another scene at the end of the movie when this guy gets drunk and enters a giant ball on a truck bed on top of a hill and the ball rolls down until it lands in a pool and he gets stuck

I hope that these two scenes are actually from the same movie and that im not mixing two movies.

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